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Pillar5 Pharma is a full-service provider of sterile ophthalmic solutions and solid dose manufacturing.

We are the market leader in Multi-Dose Preservative Free (MDPF) technology in North America.

Over 14 years, we have built a long history of FDA & Health Canada compliancy.

Pillar5 Pharma is about 5 Key pillars: Speed, Flexibility, Quality, Service, Reliability.

  • High expertise in regulatory compliance
  • Strong experience in technical transfer
  • Recognized at a highest quality ranking
    by major multinational Pharma players
    (Quality On Product On Time)
  • Reinforced services to clients
    (technological solution, supply chain…)
  • Strong long-term partnership with

Our figures


million ophthalmic bottles per year


million solid dose tablets per year


highly skilled employees


Experts in Quality, Compliance and
technical transfer

Our services & technologies

Pillar5 Pharma is structured to work with you to develop customized solutions for efficient launches.

Sterile ophtalmic solutions

Our aseptic capabilities support pharmaceutical drug development, including processing, filling, and packaging.

We are a leader in manufacturing multi-dose preservative-free (MDPF) filling services.


The Shift Towards MDPF Solutions

Most eye drop solutions on the market contain chemical preservatives to hinder microbial growth and bacterial contamination. However, it has been proven that it’s better to avoid preservatives to prevent irritation, discomfort or dry eyes.

Ophthalmic solutions with preservatives tend to be less effective at reducing overall symptoms. As a result, there has been a persistent trend in eye care over the past several years to move towards preservative-free products.

Versatile multi-dose technology offers the advantages of a preservative-free product, as well as the benefits of a multi-dose format, including:

  • Added convenience for end users
  • Improved product functionality
  • Increased effectiveness in treating symptoms
  • More favorable environmental impact
High value solid dose manufacturing

We offer legacy production of solid dose tablet for both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) products:

  • Nervous system: Anxiolytics, Antidepressants, Analgesics, sedative…
  • Respiratory: Antihistamines
  • Animal Health

A strong
industrial expertise

We support you in your projects from the analytical and microbiological testing services for product development, through development and scale Up to manufacturing. Our team provides a full range of validation and qualification services. Beyond the typical validation services, our team offers extensive expertise in all aspects of microbiology and sterility assurance with our specialization in sterile ophthalmics.

We have built a robust supply chain using contingency options to ensure there is never a gap in the supply of your product. Our facility is Health Canada approved and holds FDA Drug Establishment Registration number for manufacturing & analytical testing since 14 years.


Csr commitments


To transform and improve the sustainability of our offer.

100% of ANJAC innovations featuring at least one sustainable objective by 2026.

100% of ANJAC purchases being Ecovadis rated with one TOP100 progress plan by 2026.



Resources and reduce our environmental footprint.

15% energy consumption (in KwH/KU) by 2026

20% bulk water consumption (in m3/metric ton) by 2026, equivalent to 1.3 million 1.5 bottles.



The safety and development of our employees.

Zero-accident policy

4 values shared by our 3000 + employees:

Human Adventure,

Industrial high requirements,

Bold and pragmatic innovation,

Applied agility.



A societal commitment to global health in our territories.

– Fight against cancer,

– Access to 1st hygiene gestures,

Health and condition of women.



At Pillar5 Pharma, we are passionate…

Every day, we are committed to ensuring that the human adventure is driven by innovation and that it is always driven by kindness, respect, and simplicity.

Our entrepreneurial culture strives to give each individual a sense of purpose and to uncover potential, both individually and collectively.
At Pillar5, that’s how we roll!

Ready to embark on the ANJAC adventure ?



Human Adventure

The family-owned ANJAC Group is made strong by each of its employees. Every day, we are united by a spirit of passion, enthusiasm, and ambition, one that motivates us to innovate together in as responsible a way as possible. Social ties at the workplace and relationships with our customers are the driving forces behind our Group.
We cultivate this virtuous state of mind to create an environment that is ripe for personal growth.

Human Adventure

High Industry

Each company in the ANJAC Group has inherited a culture driven by industrial excellence. Just as consumers are increasingly demanding, we at ANJAC are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our offer.
Results are our only indicator, the undeniable proof of our high standards. As demonstrated by our customer portfolio, we offer products and services with high added value.

High Industry <br/> Requirement

Bold & pragmatic innovation

Every year, ANJAC invests 5% of its revenue in R&D and innovation, and that level has been maintained despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our 150 committed researchers, we offer innovative new products with strong added value. We create pure, concrete, efficient innovations with our raw materials, products, and product uses, as well as with our services by placing nature at the heart of our research.

Bold & pragmatic innovation

Applied agility

We devised a flexible and solution-oriented industrial model to meet the expectations of consumers who are more mobile and changing more quickly than ever before. We co-create with our customers, adapting to their needs to come up with increasingly more effective and attractive solutions. Our operational efficiency and proactive approach allow us to constantly tackle challenges head-on.

Applied agility

Pillar5 pharma
an Anjac group company


ANJAC Health & Beauty is a French family-owned industrial group and the partner of health laboratories, beauty and wellness brands.

We create and manufacture, from the raw materials to the finished products.

ANJAC is made up of 14 experts, autonomous, and and complementary companies with 22 R&D and production sites in France, Spain, California and Canada: Aircos, Apollo, Chemineau, CosmetixWest, Euro Wipes, Feltor, Innovi, LPEV, Pascual Cosmétiques, Pillar5 Pharma, Roval Cosmétiques, Shadeline, and Sicaf.

ANJAC made innovation the heart of our model with 150 researchers, our ongoing investments in technology, products and research, and our plant-based expertise. This allows us to offer our customers bespokeservices and turnkey products.